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Database Support

Henning Horn has designed the CLIC project database, which he also maintains and upgrades, in consultation with the project PI Isabelle Torrance. Horn is a computer programmer who works as a consultant and developer on digital research projects. He recently completed his MA in Computer Science at Aarhus University (2020) and works for Aarhus University’s Centre for Humanities Computing.

Hanna Frederike Wattenberg assists the CLIC project team with populating the project database. She graduated from the Deutsches Gymnasium für Nordschleswig in Denmark in 2017, and began to study for the BA in Classical Philology at Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany, the same year. In 2018, after two semesters, she moved to Aarhus where she continues her studies in Classical Philology at Aarhus University.