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Early Modern Irish Reading Group

Led by Dr. Gregory Darwin 

Zoom or Skype options can be made available if there is a demand.

Contact: gdarwin@cc.au.dk  

In this bi-weekly seminar, we read Irish-language poetry and prose literature composed in the Early Modern period (i.e. c. 1500-1700). 

A grammatical overview will be provided, as well as glossaries for the texts, but it is recommended that participants have some knowledge of Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic, or Old Irish. 

Location: Nobelparken, Aarhus University, 1481-568 

Schedule Spring 2021

January 20 Mór idir na hAimsearaibh pt. 1

February 3 Mór idir na hAimsearaibh pt. 2

Feb 24 Mór idir na hAimsearaibh pt. 3

March 10 Mór idir na hAimsearaibh pt. 4

March 24 Selections from Páirlimint Cloinne Tomáis pt 1

April 7 Selections from Páirlimint Cloinne Tomáis pt 2

April 21 Selections from Dánta Grádha

May 5 Selections from Trí Bior-ghaoithe an Bháis

May 19 TBD