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Autumn Semester 2020


14/09: Greek Tragedy in Irish (Isabelle Torrance) 

21/09: Classical allusions in Early Modern Irish Poetry (Gregory Darwin) 

28/09: The political works of George Russell (Æ) (Caleb de Jong) 


5/10: Early Irish continuations of Late Antique thought on Natural Language and Natural Law (Daniel Watson) 

12/10: No seminar (fall break) 

19/10: N.B. 16:00-17:30 Irish views on Britain as a new Rome (Jeppe Høffner) 

26/10: Classical Literature and Irish Migration History (Isabelle Torrance) 


2/11: Horse-eared kings and cannibal princesses: Quotation and Criticism in Seathrún Céitinn’s Foras Feasa ar Éirinn (Gregory Darwin) 

9/11: No seminar 

16/11: “That Multitudinous Unity”: Platonic Metaphysic in Æ’s The Candle of Vision (Caleb de Jong) 

23/11: Natural Law as Secular Inspiration in Early Irish Literature (Daniel Watson) 

30/11: N.B. 16:00-17:30 Irish newspapers, their growth in readership between 1770-1880 and their function in Irish political discourse (Jeppe Høffner) 


7/12: Lucian in Irish: Science Fiction and Graeco-Roman Gods in 1920s Ireland (Isabelle Torrance)