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Spring Semester 2021


18/01: ‘Féach id dhiaidh, cuimhnigh gurab duine thú : Memento mori, preaching, and classical learning in Early Modern Ireland’ (Gregory Darwin, Aarhus University)

25/01: ‘The Manslaying Women of Lemnos, from Euripides to Middle Irish’ (Michael Clarke, National University of Ireland, Galway) 


01/02: ‘Interpreting The Interpreters; Æ, Stephen MacKenna, and Plotinian politics’ (Caleb de Jong, Aarhus University)

08/02: ‘Linguistic and Cultural Contact between Pre-Patrician Ireland and the Roman World’ (Maxim Fomin, Ulster University)

15/02: No Seminar

22/02: ‘Creative misinterpretations of Origen and Plato and the theme of animal reembodiment in early Irish literature’ (Daniel Watson, Aarhus University)


01/03: ‘Aristotelian and Ciceronian theory of politics and Geoffrey Keating: challenging the discourse of English domination in Ireland’ (Feliks Levin, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg)

08/03: ‘Modern crises, ancient references: The uses of the Roman Empire in the Irish press in the 1840s and 1850s’ (Jeppe Høffner, Aarhus University)

15/03 (13:00-14:30): ‘Epic Similes in In Cath Catharda: their Adaptation and Development in Twelfth-Century Ireland’ (Maio Nagashima, University of Tokyo)

22/03: ‘The Theban Saga and Irish Culture’ (Isabelle Torrance, Aarhus University)

29/03: 'Dindshenchas Érenn as Ireland’s Metamorphoses' (Marie-Luise Theuerkauf, Cambridge University)


05/04: No Seminar

12/04: ‘Céard ach Traoi eile?  Irish Bardic Poetry and Classical learning’ (Gregory Darwin, Aarhus University)

19/04: ‘Comparisons between ancient Rome and the British Empire in the mid-19th century Irish press: A case study’ (Jeppe Høffner, Aarhus University)

26/04: ‘Æ: Platonist?’ (Caleb de Jong, Aarhus University)


03/05: 'Translating laments and scenes of mourning in the Middle Irish Thebaid' (Mariamne Briggs and Kate Mathis)

10/05: ‘The evidence for the influence of Ovid's Metamorphoses XV on Suidiugud Tellaig Temra’ (Daniel Watson, Aarhus University)

17/05: 'Antiquarius, Prímchríchaire, Antiquarian, Scholar: Terminology to describe Antiquarians in Ireland from the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth-Century’ (Ciaran McDonough, University College Dublin)