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Autumn Semester 2021


13/09: ‘The Kratēr of Poesy: Platonic psychology in an Old Irish text?’ (Daniel Watson, Aarhus University)

20/09: ‘Greek and Latin names in Irish syllabic verse, c. 1500-1700: reception and evidence for Latinity’ (Gregory Darwin, Uppsala University)

27/09: ‘East is East and West is West: The orientalization of the memory of the Roman Empire in 19th century Ireland’ (Jeppe Høffner, Aarhus University)


04/10: ‘Prologues in Medieval Ireland: Inherited Classical Models in Local Contexts’ (Nicole Volmering, Trinity College Dublin)

11/10: ‘Joyce’s knowledge of Homer: Uses and Limits of the Ulysses Schema’ (Ronan Crowley, Aarhus University)

18/10: 'Salvation History in the Irish version of Lucan’s Pharsalia (In Cath Catharda)' (Brigid Ehrmantraut, Cambridge University)

25/10: ‘Irish Sculptors and 'Celtic' Classicism in the 19th Century’ (Ciarán Rua O’Neill, Aarhus University)    


01/11: ‘Joyce's Ovid: An Anatomy of Effluence’ (Justin Hudak, Berkeley)

08/11: ‘Æ: Philosopher? Questioning the Coherence of Æ's Weltanschauung’ (Caleb de Jong, Aarhus University)

15/11: ‘Sin and Virtue as Cognitive Events in Early Irish Exegesis and Classical Ideas on the Role of the Intellect in Virtue’ (Victoria Krivoshchekova, National University of Ireland, Maynooth)

22/11: ‘The pre-Mosaic origin of the arts in Early Irish literature, and why it matters’ (Daniel Watson, Aarhus University)

29/11: ‘Platonism in Iris Murdoch’s “Irish” novels’ (Peter Graarup Westergaard, Independent Scholar)    


06/12: ‘The Irish Press, Great Britain and the Colonization of Africa: A Sudden Rampage?’ (Jeppe Høffner, Aarhus University)

13/12: ‘The Middle Irish Cyrus Poem: Affect and Reception’ Claudio Sansone (University of Chicago)